What is Wrong With WWD Anurognathus?

Looking at the two illustrations, you’d be surprised that they illustrate the same animal. Well, they do. They depict a pterosaur called Anurognathus ammoni, which lived in an archipelago of islands in the Tethys Ocean in an area that would become Germany. This small pterosaur had large eyes that allowed it to see in the dark and small insectivorous teeth, which has lead to many modern Palaeoartists to depict it as a bat convergent.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 22.11.36
Anuragnathus – Credit BBC (Walking With Dinosaurs), Julio Lacerda

The Walking With Dinosaurs Anurognathus, however, is the one we see looking for a host  – namely, the Diplodocus. Now, I didn’t realise this at the time when I reviewed WWD, but looking back, I think you can see a large error. What was Anurognathus, a German pterosaur, doing on an American sauropod? Well, anyway, the two animals look very different. So what is wrong with the WWD Anurognathus?

I’m not sure, but I think that it may be something to do with the skull. It looks like the eye has been put in the wrong socket, or else they simply made up the head shape based on other pterosaurs. I think most likely they just made it up, which is a shame because Anurognathus is actually a really cool pterosaur.

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