Spino-Whales #3

For an introduction, see earlier post


Big Whaley Spino by yours truly, CC Tyrannosaur University


Today we’re going to be looking at my last in the Speculative Spinocetacean Series (alliteration!) and exploring a blue whale convergent – the gigantic  Rutilamferox gigantis! The name means ‘giant red mane’ and is in reference to the animal’s flowing colours on its lower jaw.

The greatest of these creatures grow to 40 metres long, but most don’t make it past 27 metres. These animals live in flocks, and the largest and oldest of the flock lead it. Males are the only ones with the red colours; females just have plain blue as the red is for courtship. Despite their size, it is rare for these animals to live beyond 40 years and thus experience accelerated growth in their youth.

This creature fed on prehistoric krill and plankton, similar to modern baleen whales, and managed to make a living off them by eating in immense proportions.

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