Should we Depict Dilophosaurus with a Frill?

Everyone remembers the scene in Jurassic Park when the Dilophosaurus unfurled its frill and spat venom all over Dennis Nedry. But is it correct to show Dilophosaurus with this, or should we stop before fantasy is seen as fact?

Jurassic Park predated All Yesterdays

There is no evidence suggesting that Dilophosaurus had a frill or venom, none at all. The filmmakers put them in to distinguish it from the Velociraptors, and obviously shouldn’t be shown as scientific fact. But then, isn’t the “All Yesterdays” movement all about unexpected features?

A more conservative Dilophosaurus by Darren Pepper

If, say Jurassic Park didn’t exist, someone today portrayed a Dilophosaurus with a frill and venom, people would approve of their creativity. 

Woolly Ceratopsians
Woolly Pachyrhinosaurus by Mark Witton look pretty speculative

But the problem is, the Dilophosaurus with a frill has been repeated so much it has become a sort of “Paleoart meme” – a frequent style or featured reproduced not because of a study but because it’s popular. Many people go the cheap ‘copy Jurassic Park’ way and so, sadly, what was an interesting piece of creativity has turned into a myth that needs to be stamped out. It’s okay for the Jurassic franchise to make Dilophosaurus with a frill, but nobody else should.

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      1. If the target audience is children and it is meant to be educational, no, it needs to be accurate. If the show is like Barney (obviously inaccurate), then I don’t think it really matters. I would hope that regular entertainment programs would be accurate, and would be disappointed if they included the frill, but I would understand if they did.

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