Hello, and welcome to The Tyrannosaur University, a non-profit organisation dedicated to teaching the public about prehistoric life, death, and extinction. Ever wanted to know how you would actually build Jurassic Park? Ever wondered how an extinction event could destroy 95% of life on Earth? And have you ever dared imagine the most ferocious dinosaur ever, one which could have challenged T-Rex itself?



At  The Tyrannosaur University, we look at the latest events in Palaeontology. We discuss new theories and discoveries in the world of prehistory, we look at old ones and theorise about how dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals live. But Tyrannosaur University isn’t just all about dinosaurs. Oh no. As well as those guys, we look at hydrophobic crocodiles, giant flesh-eating birds, quadruple-tusked elephants, giant sharks, whales that ate whales, gigantic flying reptiles, titanic armadillos, croc-sized sea scorpions and many, many more weird and terrifyingly bizarre monstrosities.



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