There IS a Use for Half a Shell!

Today I’m going to be writing about the evolution of turtles, tortoises and terrapins, and how their evolutionary cycle is…


100th Post and My First Palaeoart!

Believe it or not, this is my 100th post at the Tyrannosaur University. And to celebrate, I’ve drawn these two…

say no to scaly t rex

Fake News: “Just Say No to Feathered T-Rex”

Okay, by now you may or may not (probably have) heard a story that perhaps some people had found stunning…

nodosaur fossil

Look at that Nodosaur!

  I know I’m slightly behind the news on this one, but it’s been under the ground for 110 million years…

ammonite and trilobite

Ammonites Vs Trilobites

During the Palaeozoic, a group of arthropods called the Trilobites ruled the ocean ecosystems. However, the majority died off by…


Vintage Palaeoart: The Evolution and Ecology of the Dinosaurs

Palaeoart is art depicting prehistoric life and its world. It is up to date when it was produced,but also with…


Unicorn Ants are Weird

Unicorn ants are really weird. Unicorn ants are really really weird. Unicorn ants are really really really weird. Here’s why.…


How Skull Island from King Kong (2005) Could Actually Exist

In the 2005 version of King Kong, the ape’s native island is home to a host of different creatures, both…


Manatee-like Mammal-like Reptiles

Mammals have a very clever way of breathing, involving a muscle called the diaphragm, which is basically used to expand the…